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some tips if you run into a cougar…

“Never turn your back on a cougar” is some of the advice Smithers Conservation Officer Michal Bartos gives to those that may encounter a cougar in the area.

The sights of cougars in the area can bring a fright to some residents, with some saying they’ve seen cougars roaming around the Ebenezer Flats area in Smithers

Although no recent sightings have substantiated any threat, Bartos gives some tips on how to stay safe if you encounter the large cat.

“No sudden movements or fleeing – that may result in a predatory response from the cat.”

He says make yourself look large and more dominant by enlarge your profile. He also says many people have survived rare attacks from the predator by simply fighting back even with rocks and sticks. “Fight back with whatever you can, if attacked.”

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