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Local comment on legal pot sales south of the border

Comment today from local Sensible B.C. coordinator, Glen Greene after news of legal pot shops opening in Washington State.

“They are a good example for B.C. to follow. I think that is where the future is and we will get there someday. It is simply going to be a question of how long is it going to take.”

Greene says it is staggering how much money BC spends on enforcing marijuana prohibition while Washington and Colorado now not only don’t have to spend that money but are actually making money off the sale of pot.

He says if people want to see the legislation around marijuana changed in B.C. there will have to be a change in government at the federal level.

Greene says the difference between Washington and Colorado and B.C. is the legislation and that the individual states took it upon themselves to have a referendum – something Sensible BC was aiming to do when it failed to collect enough signatures by the deadline.

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