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HomeNewsStronger internet in Seymour Lake area outside of Smithers

Stronger internet in Seymour Lake area outside of Smithers

A stronger internet service has made it’s way to the Seymour Lake area just outside of Smithers

The 20 thousand dollar project will service 30 to 40 clients in the area

The Manager of Starlynx Chris Mosimann says they avoided applying for grants to keep their new development a secret from the bigger companies.

“The grants they were handing out were promptly published in the public domain. That kind of opens you up to some of the monster companies out there (not letting) those ‘little’ guys into that area.”

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Mosimann says they don’t do contracts with their customers like the larger service providers

He says they have expansion plans for their Seymour lake tower, as well as other difficult to service areas.

“It opens another door for us – this is our long term goal is to move out into other areas where the conventional providers…it’s just not feasible for them to reach.”

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