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Smithers’ Northern Lights Wildlife Society documentary to air on Animal Planet

An animal rescue shelter in Smithers is the focus of a ‘Wild Bear Rescue’ documentary set to air next year.

Omnifilm Entertainment has been filming since May the rescue and release of animals at the Northern Lights Wildlife Society, with an aim of having the work there featured on Animal Planet.

Founder of the animal shelter, Angelika Langen, says the documentary will showcase the wildlife and their journey through rehabilitation at the centre.

“Even just knowing rehabilitation is available…many people don’t know it exists. We want to make sure the public knows it exists and it is an option,” says Langen. “So we want to highlight this so people understand what can be done and what can’t be done. Sometimes there’s very difficult decisions that have to be made. And sometimes there’s wonderful stories where animals get a second chance.”

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She says about 95 percent of the wildlife they rescue are abandoned or injured due to human involvement. “And of courses we are growing always…and for that we need funding. And we’re hoping more people can support what we’re doing and give the animals a second chance.”

The Northern Lights Wildlife Society is one a few in the province that rescues larger animals like bears, moose, deer and cougars.

This spring and early summer have broken records with 25 black bear cubs rescued. The influx has driven costs past 100 dollars a day to feed the cubs milk, with costs expected to rise with a need for more solid food ahead of hibernation.

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