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New rules give local farmers a break

To help boost the agriculture tourism industry, the Ministry of Agriculture has lifted the need for farmers to get permits for events like weddings, hay rides or promotions.

As long as it does’t exceed 150 people or 10 events a year, it’s all go, explains Frank Leonard with the Agriculture land Commission.

“Events like that, up to ten a year, can just happen – and they don’t have to come to us for a permit.”

The idea is to allow local producers and farmers to diversify their marketing options, something chair of the regional district of Bulkey-Nechako Bill Miller applauds.

“If you bring 150 people in for a wedding and they see what you have, it’s good marketing,” says Miller. “It gives a little more diversity especially for smaller farmers that are relying on any source of income they can get.”

Permits aren’t needed for any registered farm as long as no new permanent structures are being build during the even. Also parking isn’t allowed on streets for the permit-less events.

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