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Funding for vic services increased, and a proposed fitness centre for Telkwa on hold

The Village of Telkwa has locked in some of their funding for victims services.

They passed a bylaw to bump up their contribution for the service to $3,300 from $2,500 as their area A Regional District contribution.

Mayor Darcy Repen says it’s a small price to pay for what he says is an essential service.

“I think anyone that’s been involved, or has been a victim of crime – it’s good to have that support,” says Repen.

Municipalities pay a voluntary 50 percent for victims services while the province pays the rest.

The Regional District will be holding an Alternative Approval Process to allow the full funding from the shared Telkwa and Smithers rural areas.

Also this week, someone is looking open a fitness centre in Telkwa in a Village owned building. The building is lacking basic facilities such as washrooms and would need just under $80,000 worth of work to make it rent-able to anyone. The proponent is asking for a deal on the lease to offset the renovations they will do for the public facility.

Mayor Darcy Repen wasn’t too sure about some of the numbers, and wants to do what’s best for rate payers.

“It is a for profit business proposal. We can’t been seen as supporting a private sector business. I think you go down a slippery slope there,” says Repen. “I think it would be great to have a fitness facility in the community…but we have a responsibility to get the best bang for our buck for the (rate payers).”

Council wants staff to come back with a more accurate look at the costs.

** a previous version of the story indicated the fitness centre proponent was asking for funding to build the centre, which is incorrect

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