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NWCC offers trade skills for high school students, as well as a first of its kind phsychology 101 course

Some high school students will have their hand and trying out a number of different trades this year through the North West Community College in Smithers.

The college is rolling out their Introduction to Trades Program tomorrow, giving students a chance to learn up to five different trades of their choice.

“It’s a really good opportunity for students that aren’t sure what to do after high school to know what trades they’re interested in,” says Regional Director of the College Regina Saimoto, who says the program allows students to choose a trade they’re suited to.

“We’ve had really good success for people that have been through the intro to trades and have transitioned into a real trade. So it gives you a leg up.”

The program offers introductions into mechanical, welding, carpentry, electrical and plumbing.

The 32 spots for this year are full – the program is free as it is funded in part by the Smithers Secondary School and the Industry Training Authority.

And the first of its kind entry level university psychology course still has over 10 available spaces.

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