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Resident upset over weed spraying near his home

A Smithers resident is concerned that an invasive plant-killing herbicide was sprayed next to his garden.

Tom Pendray says in June he noticed a sign from the Northwest Invasive Plant Council in the alley behind his home that said Lontrel 360 had been used to kill weeds.

Pendray says he has researched the herbicide and is concerned that the chemical could be mixing into his garden.

“It retains the toxic material and if people take it to composts or they use it on their garden it will kill plants, like for years – even if it is composted.”

He says the residents were never notified that the chemical would be sprayed into the alley and only found out when they noticed the sign.

The Northwest Invasive Plant Council’s Andrea Eastham says Lontrel 360 is not meant for residential use and unfortunately was mistakenly sprayed by contracted employees.

“It is against our policy and the label and the contractor knows it was a mistake. But there is clear evidence of garden dumping in the alleyway so I have told the contractor in writing not to treat at all because there’s no opportunity for us to control it. They are just going to keep re-infesting.”

She says Lontrel 360 is usually reserved for industrial spraying while Round-up is used in residential areas.

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