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HomeNewsTelkwa still has a balance of over $130,000 in unpaid property taxes

Telkwa still has a balance of over $130,000 in unpaid property taxes

The Village of Telkwa has a balance of over $130,000 in unpaid property taxes.

That’s down from a total of over 173 thousand at the end of August.

Mayor Darcy Repen says it’s a pattern every year of “people that don’t pay on time.” Something he says they can almost budget for every year.

“It’s been one of those things for me in Telkwa that’s been shocking,” says Repen. “For the amount for a village the size of Telkwa, people are just penalizing themselves. 10 per cent is a harsh penalty to pay.”

Twenty accounts totaling over 26 thousand dollars were in arrears and 71 accounts still had balances owing for the current year, according to a report to council dated September 1st.

Repen says there’s a deferment plan for anyone with children, the elderly or those with disabilities to extend the time line on payments, if done ahead of deadline.

“Just don’t punish yourself, use the tools that are there. If you’re really having a tough year, utilize the deferment system and just avoid that penalty,” says Repen. “If there was one revenue stream that I would like to see go down or disappear, it’s penalties on property taxes.”

Based on a 10 per cent penalty applied to the 173 thousand, the village stands to make around an estimated 17 thousand dollars from the unpaid taxes.

The Telkwa finance department will be sending out notices throughout the month.

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