The slight jump to BC’s minimum wage has come under fire by the BC Federation of Labour.

President, Irene Lanzinger is puzzled why such a province with a good economic outlook fails to do more for low-income earners.

“I absolutely believe the province should do more and can’t really understand why they aren’t, as they brag about a good economy the benefits of it are not being shared with the 500,000 people making less than $15 an hour.”

The Federation is pushing for a $15 minimum wage much like Alberta who will raise to that level by 2018.

A move like that has some business owners worried it could hurt the sector in BC.

Lanzinger believes any increase to low-wage workers has several benefits.

“It’s actually good for business to put money in the pockets of low-wage workers because they spend all that money in the economy. They don’t have a lot of money to save or to go on an expensive vacation or open up a Swiss bank account.”

$10.85 will be the new minimum wage in the province as of Thursday and will leap to $11.25 in 2017.

The Federation of Labour says people who live in poverty will still be $5000 below the poverty line even with the increase.