The Highway 16 action plan has proposed a route through Houston for BC Transit.

The route will make two jaunts through neighborhoods off of highway 16 – one being from Butler Ave to Copeland Ave., and the other Mountainview Dr. through to Nadina Ave.

Mayor Shane Brienen says council wants the route changed slightly.

“Made a few suggestions that it would come down by our swimming pool there, because it’s close to some senior housing and the college there. Then it would loop back over to Butler and come back over and stop at some senior housing,” says Brienen.

There’s 7 proposed locations for bus stops and two shelters along the route through town. Brienen is confident BC Transit will work with council on proposed changes.

“I don’t think there will be a problem. BC Transit has been very flexible. Anything we do isn’t for sure to stay that way,” says Brienen, including the running times of a bus service. “So the days aren’t certain yet, but we’re getting closer and closer. We’re getting all the data from the transportation advisory group” as they went through the region collecting public feedback.