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HomeNewsMoricetown plans on having a 24-passenger community vehicle

Moricetown plans on having a 24-passenger community vehicle

The Moricetown Band is looking to have a 24 passenger community bus operating in and out of the community.

They’re working on grant funding through the highway 16 action plan for the province to cover 60 percent of the costs.

Chief Duane Mitchell says they’ve been assessing the needs of the community and scheduling for the proposed service.

“There is still hitchhiking happening, and there always will be…that’s why we want to figure out when to run this bus,” says Mitchell. “We want to keep our loved ones safe, and get them off the highway.

“A lot of our students out in Moricetown that want to get a job in Smithers working until 8 o’clock or 9 o’clock, we gotta figure that out, too, so they have the opportunity of working.”

He says they’ll still have to sort through the details like stop locations and a driver.

The deadline for the community vehicle grant was extended to the end of the month.

There’s 800 thousand dollars available over 3 years for communities along the highway 16 corridor to apply.

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