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SD 54 projected enrollment ‘significantly’ down

School District 54 has seen a significant drop in enrollment numbers compared to February projections.

That’s 63 less students accounting for possible funding losses of over 430 thousand dollars over the school year.

Secretary Treasurer Dave Margerm says provincial funding protection could cushion the blow to the budget if enrollment doesn’t increase.

“The government will make a calculation that will provide a little more funding so that isn’t such a drop on us.”

Margerm says distance education enrollment numbers will likely increase. It makes up a 125 thousand dollar portion of the proposed funding cuts. He says any affects to the budget will have to be sorted out next year.

“That’s a decision that will come in January when we actually see, do we get more kids in distance education; did that come up as we expected it to? Or with the funding protection,” says Margerm.

The two Houston elementary schools saw the sharpest drop of a combined 25 enrollments this year over February projections.

“So that was unexpected…we could make guesses as to why…families come and go.”

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