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Clark’s approval rating dips to 31% in BC, jumps to 39% in Canada

Christy Clark’s approval rating in BC continues to slide.

It now stands at 31% in the province, but on the national side, she’s looked upon more favourably at 39%.

David Valentin with Mainstreet Research says a number of recent issues have been viewed under a microscope which has led to a dip in the BC rating.

“We have seen different natural resource projects be approved, the signalling of the carbon tax going up and the whole Vancouver School Board situation. So some people will like one, a chunk may like two but I think it’s tough to find a cross-section of people who like all three.”

Valentin says despite all the issues surrounding the BC Liberals they seem to be in the best shape among the parties for next May’s Provincial election.

“The NDP does not look like they are very well financed and they also have a lack of nominations so to me they are more disorganised than the BC Liberals do right now. It will be interesting to see what platform and vision they put forward.”

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