The original Highway 16 Action Plan didn’t include the section of highway between Smithers and Moricetown.

Member of the Transportation Advisory Committee Taylor Bachrach brought up the need for service there to the minister of transportation.

“We feel it’s a priority to increase service along that route. We’ve expressed that to the ministry and they’ve been responsive, so we’re optimistic that we’ll see some increased transit along that route,” says Bachrach.

He says ideally there would be daily service between Moricetown and Smithers much like with Telkwa. He says they’re working with the Moricetown Band to hash out the details.

This week the Advisory Committee met with Transportation Minister Todd Stone in Smithers for an update on the plan.

“I immediately advised my staff to go back to the drawing board to meet the demand that locals believe is there,” says Transportation Minister Todd Stone. “I’m confident that we’re going to make it work, that we’re going to be able to increase the service there.”