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HomeNewsArmed Forces sexual misconduct survey uncovers some startling numbers

Armed Forces sexual misconduct survey uncovers some startling numbers

When we think of our Canadian Forces the first thing that comes to mind is their sacrifice to our country.

But in the latest sexual misconduct survey from Stats Canada, it seems the Armed Forces are not doing a good job of protecting each other away from combat.

Analyst, Adam Cotter says three things stood out during the report.

“We’re talking about a range of behaviours from unwanted sexual touching, to sexual activity, and sexual attacks. So of those three, sexual touching was the most common form of sexual assault.”

23% of victims of sexual assault in the past 12 months reported at least one incident of sexual assault to someone in authority.

One in 60 full-time Armed Canadian Forces members were sexually assaulted in 2016.

Cotter adds 23% of victims reported at least one case in the past year. “One in four reported an incident to someone in authority and that can include a supervisor to the police. Reporting to your supervisor was most common which was done in about 20% of cases.”

Women who fell victim to a sexual assault in the past year were more likely to identify their supervisor or someone of higher rank as the guilty party 49% of the time.

17% of regular members reported being the targets of inappropriate or discriminatory behaviour in the military workplace or other members.

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