The costs for the Smithers Airport Modernization Project have risen by 2 million dollars according to the cost consultants with Moore Wilson and Associates, the architects tasked with designing the new project.

That will likely put the price tag above 8.1 million.

Part of the blame is cost escalation since the original 6 million dollar estimate and the costs of geothermal technology.

“There haven’t been any decisions made on budget, and we haven’t had a chance to discuss it in more detail with out airport manager. So there’s a lot of discussion yet to be had,” says Mayor Taylor Bachrach, who was presented the information at a committee of the whole meeting last night. “I just caution people on making assumptions on limited information.”

Bachrach is happy with the direction the architects are going in respect to energy efficiency. He says they want to build 30 years ahead.

“We’ve always said we want to do this project right, and make sure it’s a strong legacy for our community into the future,” says Bachrach.

The town is looking to borrow 2 million dollars with the government shoring up the rest of the 4 million for the original estimate. Bachrach says they’ll now be looking at writing grants applications to top up the increased costs.

Construction is expected to start in March 2017.