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BC SPCA offers tips on how to give your pet a safe Christmas

The BC SPCA is asking pet owners to take extra care of their animals this holiday season.

Inside the home, a Christmas tree is a decoration, but Kennel Attendant Katherine Sprangers says it could be a potential playground.

“Definitely make sure the Christmas tree is secure on the ground so that if something does happen, such as a cat trying to climb it which happens often, it’s not going to tip over and it’s not going to break anything.”

Sprangers adds loose pine needles, when accidentally ingested, can cause internal problems with pets and it’s important to sweep them up.

If you’re also planning on lighting a festive fire, you may want to be aware of your surroundings.

“Make sure they’re aware that the fireplace is there and that’s it’s not to be hunkered into. Also, cats might find it to be a warm place and they might go close to them, so just check before starting the fire.”

When going outside to take your animal for a walk, Sprangers suggests keeping a more watchful eye on them.

“The salt on the roads is very damaging to the animal’s paws, and if they consumed it, it makes them extremely dehydrated. People used to be able to just let their animals outside, unfortunately it’s extremely cold right now, so that doesn’t work as nicely as it use to.”

She adds rubbing lotion on their paws will help with traction in the snow.

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