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Rustad happy with Nechako Lakes in 2016, looking forward to BC Election

Nechako Lakes MLA and Minister of Aboriginal Relations John Rustad is setting his sights on the 2017 BC Election.

Rustad is confident the Liberals can maintain a strong position based on what has taken place in the province.

“We have done a lot of great things in British Columbia in terms of a balanced budget, we’ve got the strongest economy in the country, the best employment growth in Canada and the lowest unemployment rate so on pretty much every economic measure we are doing well and we need to carry forward that.”

Strengthening ties between aboriginal communities and improvements to the Highway of Tears will be on his radar in 2017.

“We have now signed more than 485 agreements which is phenomenal compared to where we were just five years ago so we continue to make progress on that and we are also seeing more done on Highway 16 in terms of safety issues trying to address missing and murdered women and all those types of components.”

Rustad believes the upcoming BC Election could be a nasty one with a lot of negativity between all the parties is expected.

The Liberals are expected to table a fifth consecutive balanced budget.

Rustad says a lot of the mills in his riding are a little uncertain as we head into the new year due to the uncertainty surrounding Donald Trump’s as President of the United States.

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