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BC Assessment released northern single-family home values

If you haven’t received your assessment notice in the mail yet, expect it any day.

BC Assessment reports the northwest’s largest property value increase over is in Houston, where single-family homes are now an average of $160,000 (a 10.63% bump from 2016). On the opposite end of the spectrum, the average home value in Granisle dropped by over 19% to $42,000.

It also found that, overall, the Northern region’s total assessment roll has gone by 1.9%. That equates to an increase from $59.2 billion last year to $60.3 billion this year.

Deputy Assessor David Keough notes the bump is likely due to new construction, subdivisions, and rezoning of properties.

Once you get your letter, Keough suggests double checking your value using a tool on the BC assessment website.

“They can pull up their assessment and also compare their assessment to neighbouring properties in the area, and also compare it to the sold properties which we use to come up with the new assessments every year.”


The total number of properties on the 2017 roll is 2,017,364, about a 1% boost from last year.

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