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HomeNewsBC Hydro customers break decade-old power consumption record on Tuesday night

BC Hydro customers break decade-old power consumption record on Tuesday night

British Columbians are really turning up the heat to start 2017.

BC Hydro says a new record of 10,126 megawatts of power was consumed Tuesday night between 5PM and 6PM.

Spokesperson Bob Gammer says he’s not entirely surprised with the new number that surpassed the old record of 10,113 megawatts, set back on November 29, 2006.

“We are seeing a colder than normal winter for not just for the North here, but for all of British Columbia, and it’s certainly making headlines in the Vancouver-area.”

Gammer says the main reason for the spike is because it occurred during the normal peak time for BC Hydro.

“Supper hour is the biggest peak and it’s when people are finished work, they come home, they turn up the heat in their home, switch on the lights, do their laundry, make dinner, and all of those things add to the load. That is the demand for electricity.”

He adds managing your home’s thermostat is a bare basic change that could save money on your monthly bill.

“Residential energy consumption can increase up to 88% in colder months. If you can get a programmable thermostat, lowering it by two degrees for example can 5% on your heating costs.”

Gammer suggests unplugging any unnecessary household appliances, such as a second fridge or unused electronics, could each save you up to $100 per year.

BC Hydro is predicting another possible spike later this week, big enough to break the new record, as temperatures continue to drop to below -20 degrees in the North.

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