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Bear cub sent to Smithers Northern Lights rehabilitation centre after found abondoned in PG

A black bear cub from Prince George has been sent the the Northern Lights Wildlife Society in Smithers after being found alone yesterday.

Conservation Officer Leland Klassen says the cub was rescued thanks to a local civilian.

“This civilian was out in his backyard and noticed a small animal under a bobcat machine, realized that it wasn’t normal behaviour for a bear cub at this time of year and called the Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) line.”

Klassen says he searched the surrounding are for any signs of the cub’s mother but found none. He was able to capture the cub and put it in a kennel. He says the animal appeared to be in good shape and had quite a bit of energy.

“This little guy was a good candidate for rehabilitation due to his age because he’s pretty young, a cub from this last spring. I got in touch with the Northern Lights Wildlife Society in Smithers. They had room so this little guy caught the next transport out to Smithers. Last I heard, he’s there and he’s doing well.”

Finding cubs, especially alone, is very unusual at this time of year and Klassen believes the cub’s mother must have died for the cub to wander so far from its den.

“In any instance that involves a bear cub, the first though is that if mum’s nearby, that could be a threat to public safety.However, the civilian looked around and didn’t see any [sign], reported that to us and I determined that it wasn’t a threat. It was more of a rescue situation at that time.”

Klassen encourages anyone who notices strange behaviour in local wildlife to contact the RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277 to speak to a conservation officer. Don’t approach or try to corral wildlife.

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