To help save the Toboggan Creek Fish Hatchery near Smithers, Skeena Bulkley-Valley MP Nathan Cullen is looking to reel in more funding for wild fish stocks.

He says funding for hatcheries by the federal government has been left flat for decades.

“When you compare Canada to the rest of the world, we just do so little to support our wild fish stocks. If we could get even half the attention that the feds give to farmed salmon, we’d be laughing,” says Cullen.

He’ll be meeting with local businesses regarding the economics of sport fishing in the valley and how it’s connected to the work of hatcheries, which are often run by volunteers.

He says it’s in the best interest of the federal government to fund hatcheries, as they’re set to benefit as well.

“It benefits so many communities, industries…small businesses up and down the line. This is true investment…our hatcheries are an amazing deal and service to our communities and should be better supported.”