With an enrollment drop of 71 students based on last year’s projections, School District 54 will be getting some help from the province to keep things running smoothly.

Treasurer Dave Margerm says over 642 thousand dollars in funding protection will mend funding shortfalls for now.

“for next year we’ll have to consider trying to bring the budget in line with realistic funding…which is probably a drop in funding protection,” says Margerm.

The over 3 per cent enrollment decline edged upward from October’s drop of 63 students.

Considering enrollment decline, finances and facility use, Superintendent Chris Van der Mark says the district is mulling a reduction in the number of trustees on the board from 7 to 5.

“This office has turned into a bit of a bowling alley out here in terms of there’s far less people. We’ve decreased staffing, and I think the board is thinking; where is else is there?” says Van der Mark.

He says the Operations Committee will be taking a hard look at if the reduction in trustees is viable ahead of the next election.