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BC Cancer Foundation encouraging public to give up alcohol in February for research

If your New Year’s resolution included giving up alcohol for the month of January, the BC Cancer Foundation is giving you the chance to indulge in soda and water for the second month of 2017.

They’re encouraging alcohol drinkers to take a break for the entire month of February with their third annual ‘Lose The Booze’ campaign.

President and CEO Sarah Roth says this is a fun and unique way to benefit your personal health as well as others.

“It’s a healthy way to challenge yourself. Sometimes it’s not easy to give up alcohol, but then you start asking your friends and family to support you in this challenge and low and behold, you’ve raised a lot of money for something that’s very important to our community.”

The funds being raised throughout this challenge will be going towards cancer research being conducted across the province, including several in Northern BC.

“In the North specifically, we have a very interesting research project that is essentially collecting tissue and blood samples of cancer patients to better understand why certain therapies are working for some cancers and not others.”

She says the goal is to exceed last year’s raised total of $62,000 for the more than 77,000 British Columbians who need cancer care.

“You don’t have to leave your home to go to an event or to get on a bicycle, so it’s quite an easy way to be generous and also take care of your own body.”

You can join alone or as a team; if you want to register for ‘Lose The Booze,’ you can click here.

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