Smithers is planning on spending a little over 388 thousand dollars in 2017 to keep asphalt roads up to snuff.

Mayor Taylor Bachrach says eventually the town will need to update the 2004 road conditions report.

“And essentially what that involves is doing a full inventory of all the streets in the community and evaluating the condition of the asphalt,” says Bachrach. “And then making some kind of an estimate as to how much we need to be investing each year in order to stay on top of things.”

Back in 2012, council started up a Road Capital Tax to fund road repairs each year. Bachrach says they’re starting to see some of that come to fruition and plan to keep it going in the five-year capital plan.

Here’s the progress on street paving since 2004:

Town of Smithers Paving, 2004-2017

In 2012, Smithers Town Council brought in a new Road Capital Tax to fund the re-paving of our streets. It's making a difference! Here's an animation showing our progress on street re-paving since 2004. In 2017, we plan to invest $388,481 in street paving.

Posted by Taylor Bachrach on Monday, January 23, 2017