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Bear family moved back to Prince George

The Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter has moved the mother bear and three cubs who came in last month back to Prince George.

Shelter worker, Angelika Langen says the Society was able to raise close to the $4,000 needed to upgrade the facility before the adult bear awoke from hibernation.

“We have the other bears that we take care of on a daily basis so we needed to shield her from the area where we were working. It was all open and she could’ve seen us and that’s something we don’t want. We didn’t want her to see how the other cubs got fed so she doesn’t associate people with giving food to animals.”

She says the mother bear was periodically waking up and coming out of the shelter den before going back to sleep and the babies had gained weight so the shelter decided it was time to move them back to Prince George on Friday.

The bears are now in a culvert trap in the release area and are being monitored by conservation officers.

Once they are fully awake the trap will be opened and and the bears will be free to leave or stay and use the trap as a den if they choose.

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