With some provincial money, the Groudbreakers Agriculture Association will be teaching elementary students across the Bulkley Valley the value of growing local food.

Helene Fleury with the association says the ‘Learning Gardens’ program has a myriad of educational benefits around nutrition, social responsibility and knowing where food comes from.

“Really appreciating, not only the beauty of it, but also the taste of it – it’s so much better than something that’s been trucked from thousands of kilometres away,” says Fleury.

A $24,500 provincial grant will help the education program run for 2 years paying for professional facilitators that will “go into the classes and help with full on, hands on experiential projects,” along with the hiring of summer students, says Fluery.

She says they’ve been running the program for two years with gardens at both Muheim and Telkwa Elementary schools, with for one at Walnut Park.

The province’s Grow Local program has funded projects in 10 different communities to boost support of local food production.