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Petition calls for federal government to uphold electoral reform promise

A petition with over 61 thousand signatures is calling on the Federal Government to uphold their electoral reform campaign promise.

NDP Critic for Democratic Reform MP Nathan Cullen has sponsored the petition initiated by Jonathan Cassels from Kitchener, Ontario, on November 2, 2016.

Cullen says the fight is on to hold the Liberal Government accountable.

“We’re going to put some heat on theses guys – because I don’t want them to do it, and do it again without any consequences,” says Cullen. ‘What I want to do is co-organize Canadians and say – this is our country, our democracy – we expect more from our Prime Minister. And put some pressure on liberal people who are feeling pretty smug because their guy can do push-ups.”

The petition is open until March 2nd.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says it’s clear there’s no consensus for changing the election system.

“We took this issue very seriously, consulted broadly with Canadians, talked about this issue – saw the extent to which there is are very many strongly held, divergent views on this issue,” says Trudeau. “There was no responsible way to move forward, so we’re looking for other ways to improve our democracy.”

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