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HomeNewsBC government invests $5M towards people with physical disabilities

BC government invests $5M towards people with physical disabilities

As part of its 10-year action plan, the provincial government is investing $5 million to the BC Spinal Cord Injury Services Network (BCSCI), caring for residents with physical disabilities.

BCSCI Executive Director Chris McBride says the money will be divided up evenly to various outlets and partners across the province.

“We recognize the different realities and challenges of living in the North; we run a number of services and our partners too.”

According to McBride, more than 11,000 people who’ve been affected by an injury or unfortunate accident, have benefitted greatly from the network.

“I think the work that we do is very much aligned with the goals that the government has through their initiative.”

Minister of Social Development and Social Innovation Michelle Stilwell, who was open hand for the announcement in Vancouver Wednesday morning, says the Liberals are happy to continue their partnership with the BCSCI.

“They are providing vital supports and services and continue to be vitally important to help our government reach its goal of Accessibility 2024.”

Stilwell adds for Northern BC residents, they will also be supported a great deal.

“We also help support the North with government funding of $215,000 to gain some accessibility knowledge for BC’s northern parks.”

BCSCI network partners include the BC Wheelchair Sports Association, the BC Wheelchair Basketball Society, the Neil Square Society, and the Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation.

More than 700 volunteers are with the BCSCI since the network began in 2010, giving more than 25,000 hours of hard-work and dedication.

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