The Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako will be writing a letter to Transport Canada asking for further regulatory enforcement at rail crossings.

Chair Bill Miller says the concern stems from a letter written to the board by The Fort Fraser Livestock Association, where they allege CN blocked a rail crossing at Landaluza Rd. near Vanderhoof for more than three hours.

Miller says that’s absolutely unacceptable.

“We are going to go after the regulator and say, ‘this is contrary to regulation, and you need to address it,” says Miller. “We gotta push back on some of this stuff…CN…they’re not a very good corporate citizen.”

Federal regulations state that a rail company cannot block a public grade crossing for more than five minutes when people are waiting to cross, unless the train is moving continually in one direction.

The Moose is waiting to hear back from CN for comment on the regional district’s concern and allegations of rail cars blocking public grade crossings.

The livestock association says their public crossings are blocked by rail cars beyond the allowed five minutes on a regular basis.

The letter says by blocking traffic it not only delays the transportation of goods, but creates a safety concern.