Burns Lake drama teacher Margaret Kathleen Rayanne Charlie was suspended for playing a game of tag with grade 8 students where ‘losers’ were soaked with a hose in front of their classmates in June. In 2015, Charlie played a similar game with students called ‘Live and Die’, where the losers had a mixture of flour, water and vinegar poured onto their heads.

The game in June resulted in injuries to two students with one requiring stitches and the other spraining their ankle. A third student, who was forced to play the game, had to miss a math review as she had to go home to change her wet clothes. Other students were reported saying the game was stressful and made them feel anxious.

Charlie was suspended for one day on Feb 10th, 2016.

After a parent of a student complained that their child was being mocked for the occurrence in 2015, School District 91 met with Charlie who said it would never happen again.