Bulkley Valley Search and Rescue are looking to move all their equipment into one central storage facility in a bid to improve response times.

With an increase in rescues across the Bulkley Valley in recent years, BVSAR says saving time is crucial.

They’re looking to Smithers council to use town land and need a commitment as soon as May of this year to start construction.

Mayor Taylor Bachrach says the search and rescue provide a great service for the entire Bulkley Valley.

“At this point, we don’t have much to go on because council hasn’t really had the in-depth discussion around what our criteria are. We did hear that they have their eye on the Ranger Park property and they have a bit a vision to build a 3 bay storage building,” says bachrach. “So the question is really, do we have property that we feel is appropriate, and under what terms would council be willing to make that available?”

BV Search and Rescue say they need to spend their provincial money for a new facility by 2019.

They say the biggest issue is accessing the appropriate equipment out of the same building to save critical rescue time. Ideally, they want a location in town centrally located near their volunteer members.

Council will likely meet on the issue at their next meeting.