Bulkley Valley Emergency Support Services are looking to grow their team of volunteers that help plan for the well-being of the community in the event of any disaster.

“There’s quite a few roles to fill if there is a disaster. So the more people we have to call in those times, the better,” says Emergency Support Services Director Cathy Wilkie, who says they’ll take on an unlimited number of volunteers.

She says being able to help people in times of need with a group of volunteers that become your family is really rewarding.

“What we can offer is when people are evacuated from their homes, the first time they can really relax, is when they’re sitting in front of us.”

Wilkie says the service offers people involved in a disaster things like food, clothing or lodging.

She says all the training is provided for free through the Justice Institute of BC and other support organizations. She does say volunteers have to be physically and emotionally able to deal with a disaster, and need a vehicle or transportation to make themselves immediately available when duty calls.

Those interested in volunteering are encouraged to come out to an information session next Wednesday at the Telkwa Village Office from 7 p.m. to 8.

The Smithers session will be March 1st at the Ranger Park building from 7 p.m. to 8.