With the launch of a leadership race, the federal NDP have shuffled around a few roles in parliament.

Skeena Bulkley-Valley MP Nathan Cullen will now be the Deputy Critic of Finance along with an ethics role. He’ll also keep his current portfolio on electoral reform.

“There’s obviously some connection between our democratic institutions – fundraising, illegal contributions – that kind of thing, and straight up ethics – like when our prime minister takes illegal helicopter flights,” says Cullen.

He says the new ethics role will be keeping him busy dealing with issues from the “cash for access scandals…to interfering with nomination races.” He says Justin Trudeau has developed a worrisome pattern he’ll be keeping an eye on.

Cullen says it’s also one of the fist times he’s seen a federal budget delayed, and is worried the Liberals may have run out of money.

“There’s going to be very difficult decisions being made by the Trudeau government right now as to which promises to keep and which ones to break.”