The province and Lake Babine Nation have agreed to develop a 25-year government to government relationship to create a path towards reconciliation.

Chief Wilf Adam says they’ll be looking to beef up the agreement after the election.

“We are looking for a full agreement on land and resources and benefits for the nation,” says Adam.

He says that will include participation in the regional forest economy and says the band won’t accept anything less than 250 thousand cubic metres a year. Adam says for decades the band was unable to negotiate on benefits for resources taken from the land. He says there were a few land issues that needed to be worked out ahead of inking an agreement with the province.

The ‘Foundation Pathway Agreement’ signed with Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation John Rustad will commit the province and band to work on a more solid agreement after the election.

The province says the next step will be a 25-year ‘Foundation Agreement’ to reconcile respective jurisdictions to provide certainty and benefits.

Minister John Rustad says “this approach will provide First Nations and industry the certainty they need to drive toward new partnerships. It also allows us to take on tough issues like title, governance and social conditions step-by-step, being accountable to each other and stakeholders and building trust over time.”