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HomeNewsPowerless cargo ship safely in Prince Rupert

Powerless cargo ship safely in Prince Rupert

The fear of a tanker ship hitting somewhere along the north coast is gone now that it has been towed safely to Prince Rupert.

A Russian cargo ship lost power last week and was drifting towards Hadia Gwaii.

Spokesperson for the Prince Rupert Port Authority Michael Gurney says the vessel was secured and tied up earlier this morning.

He adds the port is prepared to deal with emergencies like this.

“This is not the first time that we’ve taken in a vessel that needs repairs or attention,” he says. “So the port authority works with several marine partners, tug operators the B.C. Coast pilots and so on that are able to respond in a coordinated and efficient manner.”

Gurney says the ship will undergo inspection and be fixed within 48 hours.

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