Kindergarten French immersion registration could be changed to a lottery system in School District 54.

Assistant Superintendent Mike McDiarmid says it would be fairer than the current first-come-first-serve system.

“it hasn’t really been an issue until this point, but this year there’s been more parents than we thought. The board is certainly looking at moving to a lottery system rather than having people line up.”

He says the changes to the policy are in draft form before a revised policy makes its way to the board, public consultation and then back to the board for ratification.

Another change in policy the board is looking at will include defining the difference between French immersion and charter rights for francophones.

McDiarmid says French immersion is what can be offered through the school board as more of a privilege while the charter rights fall on the responsibility of the federal government.

He says they’re making an adjustment in the wording of the policy to clearly define the difference.