There was an emergency evacuation in Two Mile west of Moricetown Friday afternoon.

13 people have now been put up in a motel for the weekend while others are staying with family.

A breached beaver dam on the Moricetown Lake led to the flooding of a road blocking seven homes from accessing the highway. Driveways and roads in the neighbourhood were also washed out.

The Maintenance Supervisor with the Moricetown Band Clayton Michell says the heavy rainfall has prompted a water conservation advisory in the entire community.

“We get our water out of a creek – the water is getting pretty bad, pretty dirty. It might get to the point where we have to shut it off. But it’s still ok, it’s still treatable,” says Michell.

He also says the power to the lift station near the creek by the Two Mile flood has been cut off. The toilets in the immediate area can’t be used.

Right now he’s waiting for the water level to drop so electricians can assess the damage.

Two houses close to the highway in Two Mile had about a foot of water in their basements.

Band Chief Duane Mitchell is worried another beaver dam upstream on a creek could breach and worsen the problem in Two Mile. He says right now it’s a waiting game.

RCMP, the fire department, search and rescue teams and Billabong Road Maintenance were on the scene this morning.