Residents of Two Mile west of Moricetown will be returning home tomorrow after a flood caused the evacuation of seven homes.

Friday’s flood was blamed by the breach of an up-stream beaver dam on a creek connecting to Moricetown Lake after heavy rainfall battered the area. A second beaver dam is also believed to have breached.

Lucy Gagnon with the band says five homes have water damage.

One of them had four feet of water inside.

“On Saturday some of them we’re pumped out – right now they have heat in the basement and we’ll make sure we get in there and do anything we can to prevent mold.”

The Band has also built a bridge for residents to access the subdivision there.

Gagnon says they’re also working to fix the lift station in the area.

She says residents across Moricetown should be mindful and conserve water. However, she says there are no concerns with water quality.