A national organization is taking advantage of this current legislative limbo to advocate for certain parties to work together.

Fair Vote Canada is writing an open letter to both BC Green leader Andrew Weaver and BC NDP leader John Horgan to create a coalition government and enforce a new voting system.

Co-chair for the Victoria Chapter Terry Dance-Bennink wants proportional representation and believes many British Columbians, and Canadians, do as well.

“We’ve had countless initiatives across the country. In PEI, and in Ontario there have been commissions galore and I think it’s time that once province led the way and I’d like it to be BC.”

Dance-Bennink adds that 57% of British Columbians voted for one of the two parties, both of which promised to reformat the current voting method.

“Greens have said that they favour moving ahead on it because it was in their platform and they would be open to a referendum after voters have tried it, which is something that I think makes good sense. The NDP would prefer to hold a referendum before and that something that the party leaders have to sort out at this point.”

While both parties held campaign promises of a proportional representation voting system by 2021, Dance-Bennink wants it done within 18 months of government forming.

“We’ve been going on about this for over a decade and we’d like to move forward because it’s a basic democratic right.”