Gas prices across the north will not be going up during the May long weekend.

Senior Petroleum Analyst with Dan McTeague says the current situation is as good as it will get.

“I think the price you see is pretty much the price you’re going to be paying right until at least Tuesday. We’re going to be getting a bit of break this week only because wholesale prices have not moved a lot.”

Costco has the lowest price in Prince George at 99.4 while the majority of stations at 102.4.

In Smithers, gas prices are at 106.9.

McTeague says all has been quiet on the markets. “I am not seeing anything whatsoever that would signal any justification to drive up prices. However, in places like Prince George, there is a concern that if your buying gas at 97 cents a litre prices set at 1.02 only gives five cents profit. Those are really thin margins.”