Just like the rest of us, the BC Federation of Labour is waiting to see what the Legislature will look.

The Federation was anti-BC Liberal leading up to the election:

President Irene Lanzinger hopes to see a BC NDP-BC Green coalition, especially since both are fighting for higher minimum wage, better child care, and proportional representation.

“Those issues were important in the election. I think the majority of people voted in favour of parties that were saying things about those issues. We’ve had 16 years of a Liberal government and people want change and I think that needs to be respected.”

Whichever party the Greens side with will hold a majority in Victoria. If that’s the case, Lanzinger feels the two have a legitimate reason to ask the Lieutenant Governor to form a government.

“We think it’s important that the democratic majority – that was 60% of people who voted for either the NDP or Greens – who said ‘we don’t want the Liberals, we want a change,’ I think that democratic voice should be respected.”

Lanzinger, as well as everyone in the province, is waiting for an official announcement from Green Party leader Andrew Weaver, who is promising to be a part of a “stable minority government.”

“I look forward to working with both other parties so that we can finally get big money out of politics, move towards electoral reform and implement good public policy on a wide range of issues that puts people first.”

Lanzinger reports that Weaver is expected to make a decision by next Wednesday.