BC Conservation Officers have taken a bear cub to the Northern Lights Wildlife Society in Smithers.

The infant black bear was discovered and rescued near Inverness Trailer Park along the Hart Highway in Prince George away from its mother, who was allegedly killed by a bow and arrow.

Northern Lights Manager Angelika Langen says they also received information about two other cubs nearby, both siblings to the rescued one.

“The other two, at the time, were unfortunately too high up in the trees to safely tranquilize them. The whole neighborhood is on the lookout and as soon as they are found again, then the Conservation Office will go out and try to capture them as well.”

She adds upon arrival Friday morning, the bear was shaking in fear, but ate happily and made himself comfortable.

“Those were really good signs and it was normal behavior, but by last night [Friday], he was crying pretty badly for his family. So we’re really hoping that Conservation Officers will be alerted to the whereabouts of his siblings.”

Langen is urging anyone who sees his two siblings to call the Conservation Service hotline, or RAPP, immediately at 1 (877) 952-7277.