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Local activist calls MMIWG Inquiry confusing, unclear

The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) Commission recently wrapped up the first set of family hearings in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Activist Brenda Wilson says there’s been a lot of delays and confusion with the inquiry process.

Wilson’s sister Ramona was found murdered in Smithers over 21 years ago in a case that was never solved.

She’s worried statements and stories sent online or via mail to the commission won’t have the same impact as face-to-face.

“I don’t know how the families were even supposed to be a part of this when the commissioners decided that they weren’t going to reach out to the families.”

She says the format also needs to allow privacy and a safe place for some families to tell their stories.

Wilson is encouraging families to get involved in telling their stories.

She says her walk of Highway 16 last year from Prince Rupert to Prince George generated tips on a lot of cases of the murdered and missing.

Last year at the Ramona Wilson Music Festival in Smithers, then retired RCMP investigator Wayne Clary announced he was back on the Highway of Tears case.

“Once again, this is going to come from the community. This is a tough case and I ask you to bring us the information that we need so at least we can bring some kind of closure,” said Clary last year to a crowd at Bovill Square.

“The officer in charge of major crimes in British Columbia asked me if I would come back and carry on the investigation for the highway of tears because of my knowledge and expertise in the area.”

The Ramona Wilson Memorial Walk is Saturday starting at 1PM at Lake Kathlyn School.

Wilson, who says has been in contact with Clary over the past year, will be presenting updated information at the Northwest Community College (NWCC) campus after the walk on Saturday.

She says the walk is also to remember all the others, including young men, that went missing or were murdered.

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