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Taxidermist pleads guilty of poaching charge

A local taxidermist has pled guilty to two counts under the wildlife act in a Smithers courtroom this morning.
Clint Moon admitted to making a false statement on his hunting license and illegal possession after he shot a grizzly bear on his property.
He says there was a bear threatening his livestock last October so he killed it and instead of reporting the incident, he kept the animal to harvest the hide and then lied about it.
He adds it was a stupid mistake that he is sorry for.
“I was allowed to hunt for grizzly bear that year but in a different spot,” he says. “That is how it came about, when they came to see my license, I panicked and said I shot it in a different area instead of phoning them after I shot it and they would’ve taken the bear away and none of this would have happened. But I didn’t.”
Moon will have to pay around $3300 in fines and won’t be able to get a hunting license for two years. He also had his rifle seized.

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