There are now 127 wildfires burning across the province, including six new ones started up Saturday.

Chief Fire Information Officer Kevin Skrepnek says there have been 891 fires since April 1st.

“That’s burned an area currently estimated at 591,000 hectares in size. To put that number into some context, that number is now larger than the entire province of Prince Edward Island.”

Suppression efforts have cost almost $230 million.

Skrepnek is expecting thunderstorms across the province this weekend through Wednesday.

“There’s no real, particular area of specific concern but really the entire southern part of the province does have the potential for some lightning activity and unfortunately it is looking like that lightning will be particularly dry.”

There are 6,900 British Columbians still on an Evacuation Order and 26,600 on an Evacuation Alert.

There are over 3,800 personnel forest fighters working in the province. Over 600 are from out of province, about 1400 are contractors, and there are 216 air crafts.