Pioneer Day Kicks off in Old Hazelton today.

Mayor Alice Maitland says it’s a showcase of the spirit and history of the colourful, picturesque little town that looks a lot like a movie set.

She says the village started off as a hub for trappers, the Hudson Bay trading post and other travellers and First Nations people.

Situated between two rivers, Maitland says it was also the farthest along the Skeena the river boats would go from Prince Rupert back in the day.

“We weren’t just pioneers 100 years ago, but we’re still pioneers and we’re still moving forward rather than just rotting away in our beautiful little town.”

Maitland admits there’s a little (friendly now) rivalry of sorts with new Hazelton that sprung up after business set up shop closer to the railway in the early century.

She says part of the thrust of the event each year is to show people that ‘we’re still here.’

With Doug Donaldson serving as the second MLA and first minister from the town, Maitland says there a little more recognizable on the map now, at least politically.

Pioneer Day, starting at noon, has a small parade through the town with horses and other events.