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ICBC suggests leaving early to avoid school zone crashes

More kids will be out on the roads this week as school is back in session across the province.

ICBC says it’s important kids are able to get to school as safely as possible, avoiding any possible incidents where someone gets hurt.

From a driver’s perspective, Road Safety Coordinator Doug MacDonald suggests leaving earlier than normal.

“There’ll be lots of other parents driving their kids; first-time parents going to have his kids go to school. Check your cell phone when it’s safe to do so, and when you dropping off the kids at school, make sure you drop them off in a designated zone where it’s safe for them to get out of the vehicle.”

In Northern BC, two students, aged five to 18, are killed and 16 are injured in school zone crashes every year due to reckless and/or distracted driving.

MacDonald says leaving an extra 10 minutes early could make the ride more enjoyable.

“Make sure you find a safe way to get to-and-from school, where are you using the crosswalks properly; keep the other distractions out only the first week back, because it’s really important that we have the students get to-and-from school very safely.”

Six total students are killed and 370 are injured throughout British Columbia every year.

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