Smithers Council decided not to take any action on a letter asking for a ban on political and religious floats in the Fall Fair Parade.

The letter was referencing a pro-life float that the person found offensive to women that have had an abortion.

Several letters were written in response urging council to not restrict freedom of speech for any one group.

Mayor Taylor Bachrach says what’s allowed into the parade isn’t up to council. He also says council has no appetite for restricting free speech.

“I think when we start stifling that expression we lose something as a community. And obviously there are limits on that and those limits are set out in Canadian law,” says Bachrach.

“We live in a community that has a lot of diverse perspectives on different issues. As much as we can, I think we should embrace the public square and the discussion of important issues in society as much as some people find certain views offensive.”